John Oliver features Hilary Barry's Paul Henry Show blooper on Last Week Tonight

Hilary Barry has been featured on British comedian John Oliver's TV show Last Week Tonight with her iconic news reading gaffe from 2016.

During a segment called 'Oh no, that was entirely the wrong tone for the story you were reporting', Oliver ran a montage of news presenters struggling to keep their laughter under control.

Barry rounded out the clip with a moment many New Zealanders remember, in which she's fighting the giggles while reading a story about a Somalian plane blast that killed one person. 

However, the earlier part of the bulletin that set the former Paul Henry Show anchor off was not included, leaving out some much-needed context.

The previous story had mentioned the phrase, "emergency defecation situation", which prompted tears of laughter throughout the studio.

"Today could be the day I lose my job!" Barry said at the time.

Speaking to Stuff, the Kiwi broadcaster said she wasn't too concerned about being included in the mockery.

"I've had prouder on air moments to be honest, but I'm glad John had a giggle at my giggle," she said.