Married At First Sight Australia's Lauren shocks former adult virgin Matthew with lesbian confession

After being hospitalised for a panic attack triggered by a bath with his wife, Married At First Sight Australia groom Matthew Bennett has been left shaken by a revelation about his new bride's sexuality.

Former adult virgin Bennett asked partner Lauren Huntriss: "What's something about you that most people find surprising when they learn?" - but he wasn't entirely prepared for her answer.

"I used to be a lesbian," Huntriss replied without missing a beat.

"You don't know the half of me yet," she added, while Bennett processed the news.

"I don't know what to ask now, I really don't," he said eventually.

Huntriss was left unimpressed by her husband's reaction, which was to stay almost completely silent.

"The fact that I have had relationships with girls definitely shocked Matt and he went silent," she told producers later.

"I'm not impressed to be honest. He should have a thousand things to ask me, I've got a thousand things to ask him. So it makes me question like, does he really want to know about me?"

Bennett defended his reaction, claiming he "finds asking questions really difficult" so chose to say nothing.

Huntriss has since claimed the MAFS AU producers made her use the word "lesbian", even though she never identified as one.

According to the Daily Mail, the 31-year-old makeup artist replied to a comment on Facebook, writing: "For the record, I never chose the word 'lesbian'".

"I initially said, 'I used to see women because I hated men when I was 18-20 due to something personal', but no it wasn't dramatic enough.

"So the producer made me say the word 'lesbian.'"

Huntriss clarified that she was "never a lesbian," but had previously had sexual experiences with women.

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