Michael Jackson's former maid makes bombshell child abuse claims

Michael Jackson's former maid has spoken out about child abuse she claims to have witnessed behind the doors of Neverland.

In an explosive interview with 60 Minutes, the former staffer says Jackson's security made threats to kill her if she went to authorities.

He's known as the King of Pop, but 10 years after his death, the icon's reputation is under increasing attack with fresh accusations of child abuse - this time from the woman who once tidied Jackson's room.

"When I would go in the next day, there were little boys' underwear either on the floor with Michael's or they were in the jacuzzi," Adrian McManus said.

She said in her four years at Jackson's $67 million ranch, she also witnessed inappropriate behaviour first-hand.

"I just saw a lot of fondling, him running his hands in kids' hair, kissing them."

The allegations come only a month after the documentary Leaving Neverland debuted at the Sundance Festival. It revolves around the testimonies of two men who say they were sexually abused by Jackson as children.

US network HBO plans to air the documentary next month.

But Jackson's estate is biting back, suing the broadcaster for US$100 million (NZ$145 million). It's called the two-part documentary a "one-sided marathon of unvetted propaganda".

Jackson's lawyer Tom Mesereau is adamant his client is innocent and always has been.

"Right now, if you are accused of this sort of thing, you are almost judged guilty before you can defend yourself," he said.

Ms McManus previously denied witnessing any inappropriate behaviour from Jackson. She now says she lied after being threatened, and insists she's telling the truth.