New Zealand's music scene better than across the ditch - Australian band

An Aussie indie pop/rock duo believe the Australian music industry is diving, while New Zealand's is thriving.

That's why Oli and Louis Leimbach from Lime Cordiale are touring the country to promote their latest single and music video.

"You know the Australian music industry sort of feels like it's going downhill a little bit especially in Sydney, but New Zealand feels like it's popping off - so we're like, let's get over there,"  Oli Leimbach told Newshub.

The brothers are here for a third time as part of their Money tour, performing at four locations across the country, three of them on a school night.

"Just to have people at a show on a weeknight is pretty unheard of in Sydney," said Louis.

But in New Zealand they're used to drawing the crowds, even on a Sunday night.

Not only do they love our audiences, they also love our artists. Oli says they take inspiration from well-known Kiwi bands like Fat Freddy's Drop, Katchafire and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Lime Cordiale's latest tour shares the same name as their latest single.

"This song 'Money' is about like not really having money and feeling the pressures of money," said Oli.

Something the duo said they experience in their everyday lives.

"Getting older - especially into your later 20s - you feel more and more the pressures of money, especially being in a band."

They're not just a band but a brotherhood, the pair often juggling a work and family relationship.

"You take the work home with you, there's no real escape," said Oli.

"And if you have an argument you can't really break up as a band," said Louis.

Louis says there's even a family connection to the band's name.

"Yeah the surname Leimbach. And the 'Cordiale' is from our aunty, who runs this classical music festival in the south of France, and it's called Music Cordiale. "

While they're a long way from the south of France, their family name will take to the stage in Dunedin tomorrow night.