Peking Duk hilariously interviewed by children about DJ Duks book, sugar, dancing and booze

When 'Wasted' and 'High' hitmakers Peking Duk announced they were releasing a childrens' book called DJ Duks, the response was...varied.

In their own words, Adam Hyde and Reuben Styles admit writing a tale about themselves as two ducks for kids was an "unusual surprise" for fans.

They may well have expected some raised eyebrows, but they probably weren't expecting the astute observations my nine-year-old nephew Sam and seven-year-old niece Ruby had to offer.

"Why do you guys look like ducks that have a soul, and then the other ducks just look so dead inside?" Sam pondered, having studied the illustrations in DJ Duks.

"That's such a good point," Adam replied, gob-smacked.

"Brilliant critiquing, to be honest. I can't fault any of that," said Reuben.

Peking Duk processing their critics' feedback.
Peking Duk processing their critics' feedback. Photo credit: Newshub

Peking Duk, who have been busting out chart-topping bangers since 2010, say the inspiration to write the tale of two ducks' journey to musical fame and fortune came from a need to dismantle the allure of social media.

"Social media - Instagram, especially - it's getting a lot of kids down," Adam explained to Sam and Ruby.

"If you get caught up in social media, it will sort of make you feel a bit empty," Reuben added. 

Ruby nodded thoughtfully, but it soon became clear she had other issues she wanted to prioritise. 

"Reuben," she asked the adult man, who also goes by Roobs or Rooby, "Why did you steal my name?"

"We could call him 'Sharold'," Sam offered helpfully.

Sharold seemed very relieved. He appeared to have been struggling to come up with a good excuse for stealing a child's namesake.

Budding music journos Sam and Ruby Alpers at work.
Budding music journos Sam and Ruby Alpers at work. Photo credit: Newshub

Peking Duk's latest musical offering, 'Sugar', prompted a spirited debate about food.

Adam and Sharold professed their love for anything Whittaker's Chocolate. Sam sneered at their fondness for Nerds Ropes. Ruby chimed in that they might need to watch their sugar intake.

There were more concerns, too; around the boys' drinking habits, and how it might affect their dance moves.

"In your music video 'Wasted', was that you dancing or the alcohol?" Sam asked.

"No alcohol was consumed during that shoot," Adam replied.

"You can have fun without alcohol."

"Don't dance drunk," Sam agreed.

"Because then afterwards, you won't have any friends."

By the end of the interview, four firm friends were made, one rendition of the 'Wasted' dance was danced, and I was feeling a little left out actually, now that you mention it.

Before Sam and Ruby could express any further interest in getting matching tattoos just like their favourite DJs, I ushered them out of the room like the responsible aunt I am.

I think it's fair to say we all learned something from the experience, if only an inappropriate fact about the anatomy of a duck.

Check out the video for all the details.