Heartbreaking letter Meghan Markle wrote to father Thomas leaked

Shortly after her wedding, Meghan Markle wrote her estranged father a heartbreaking letter - and revealing extracts have now been released.

Thomas Markle's strained relationship with his daughter has made headlines for the last year, with the 74-year-old repeatedly giving interviews in which he divulged all sorts of personal family business.

He did not attend her wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018, citing health issues that some speculated were excuses not to go to the high-profile event.

Just three months later, Meghan wrote her father a devastating letter that lays bare her heartbreak and sorrow at the state of their relationship.

Extracts from the five-page letter were published today by the Mail on Sunday, which had been given the letter by Mr Markle himself.

In her signature elegant handwriting, the Duchess of Sussex beseeched her father to reconnect with her and stop sharing gossip with the media.

She said his actions had unnecessarily hurt her and chastised him for lying in interviews, such as when he claimed he'd called her to say he was no longer coming to her wedding.

Meghan said she begged him to accept her help and sent someone to his home in Mexico, but instead Mr Markle stopped speaking to her.

The Duchess claimed her father was obsessed with media coverage of their family, and called out her half-sister Samantha, another tabloid fixture.

She also called him out for saying she'd never helped him financially and that he'd never asked for money, citing an email he sent in October 2017 in which he asked for her to help him.

In his reaction to the letter, which was also provided to the Mail, Mr Markle denied most of his daughter's claims, saying the Duke and Duchess knew what was happening when he didn't attend their wedding.

He also claimed Prince Harry had written some of the letter, citing certain English phrases as proof.

On October 2, this article was amended to remove direct quotes from the letter.