Second 'Fyre Festival' coming to Wellington

The original Fyre Festival was a dismal failure, but it could get a second chance with a New Zealand reincarnation if a satirical Facebook event is to be believed (it isn't).

The now infamous 'luxury music festival' became a worldwide joke in 2017 after guests arrived in the Bahamas to find the event in disarray.

None of the celebrities who promoted Fyre Festival on social media turned up, and festival-goers were left to eat pre-packaged sandwiches and stay in half-constructed emergency tents instead of the gourmet catering and luxury accommodation promised.

The ill-fated festival has been back in the headlines recently with the launch of two separate documentaries on the subject. Hulu's Fyre Fraud and Netflix's Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened both explore the disaster and its organisers, Fyre CEO Billy MacFarland and rapper Ja Rule.

In 2018 McFarland was sentenced to six years in prison for fraud and ordered to pay millions. But his luck could well be changing with the prospect of a second Fyre Festival, this time held in the less exotic location of Wellington.

On Sunday, a Facebook event titled 'Fyre Festival - Wellington' was created by entertainment page The Student Bible. Scheduled for one night only on February 23, the festival is set to be held on Matiu/Somes Island in Wellington Harbour.

An accompanying event photo shows the island with the Fyre logo superimposed on top. A plane and a collection of the festival's infamous tents have also been Photoshopped onto the image.

Second 'Fyre Festival' coming to Wellington
Photo credit: Facebook / The Student Bible

The only additional information about the event is a one-sentence description which reads: "Let's make Billy's vision a reality."

Despite the lack of detail and credibility, the event has generated massive interest among Kiwis, with more than 2000 people promising to attend Fyre Festival Wellington and another 7000 indicating their interest.

Would-be guests are making grand plans for the event, many making references only Wellingtonians would understand.

"I'm looking at chartering this cruise ship if anyone wants a luxury cabin offshore," one wrote on the event page, alongside a picture of the Interislander ferry.

"Meet and greet with the Blanket Man #thelegendlives," wrote another, referring to local homeless man Ben Hana who died in 2012.

Others had questions about the catering, asking: "Will the sandwiches be on $1 Four Square bread or will we step it up and have Vogels?"