T.I.'s Floyd Mayweather diss 'F**k N***a' tops hip-hop chart

T.I.'s Floyd Mayweather diss 'F**k N***a' tops hip-hop chart
Photo credit: Instagram/YouTube

If you wanted more proof that hip-hop feuds remain hugely popular, look no further than the success of T.I.'s new single, 'F**k N***a'.

The Floyd Mayweather diss track has debuted atop the Hot New Hip-Hop Top 100 Songs, beating new releases from the likes of Cardi B, Bruno Mars and Offset.

'F**k N***a' takes aim at the champion boxer and convicted domestic abuser for being "greedy", calling the multi-millionaire out for not doing enough to help those less fortunate than he is.

On YouTube, the track has galloped past 1 million YouTube views in just a few days, featuring a Photoshopped pic of Mayweather alongside the words 'F**k N***a' and a dictionary description of what the slur means.

"A n***a who isn't about any of the shit he or she claims to be... one that goes against his people and against code; a person who does ignorant shit and deserves to get dealt with accordingly for their stupidity and/or bitchiness."

Hot New Hip-Hop reports that T.I.'s "track arose mostly out of Mayweather's recent decision to don a racist Gucci sweater, but it covers many other topics that have arisen in their long-broiling feud".

Gucci, a brand often embraced by the hip-hop community, faced fierce criticism over items that appeared to resemble blackface earlier this month.

Mayweather leapt to the fashion brand's defense - claiming it was the victim of a "digital outrage" in the same way R Kelly and the NFL have been recently.

50 Cent - formerly a friend, now a bitter enemy of the boxer - took to Instagram to mock Mayweather over the post.

If Mayweather's support of Gucci after the blackface controversy was indeed the reason T.I. released a diss track about him, Lil Wayne may be in for the same treatment.

The 'A Milli' rapper attended a pre-Rolling Loud music festival over the weekend dressed entirely in Gucci items, and documented the outfit on his own Instagram account.