Watch: The excruciating moment Jason Momoa is asked to 'do a haka move' at Oscars

Supermodel Ashley Graham has caused outrage on social media, after an intensely uncomfortable moment during the Oscars made the world cringe.

Ms Graham was stationed on the red carpet, interviewing celebrities as they arrived when the cringe-worthy interaction occurred.

The model demanded Haiwaiian-born Jason Momoa perform a "haka move" for her. She then vaguely tries to demonstrate what she means, in case the indigenous man was unclear on her request.

Her demonstration was a strange little hop from foot to foot, with a half hunch.

It was awkward.

The action-star's partner Lisa Bonet immediately stepped in to try and shut down the uncomfortable demand. However, Mr Momoa gave the model a quick pukana which she then imitated.

After she got what she came for, Ms Graham waved the couple on and the interview was over.

The interview enraged some on social media, with people labelling the supermodel "ignorant" for her request.

"I think every Native person has had some version of this interaction: someone asking us to perform being indigenous, rather than being allowed to just be indigenous," wrote one user.

"Ashley Graham asking Jason Momoa to do the Haka at the Oscars irked me so much. 'Oh hello ethnic person, do your ethnic tribal funny dance for us on the red carpet.' I'm glad my sister-wife intervened. She wasn't having it."

"Just because he did the Haka to honour the New Zealand premiere (who is part of the Polynesian triangle) does NOT mean he will or even should perform it on cue at the request for entertainment. It was insensitive and disrespectful."

Ms Graham has yet to address the controversy she has caused.