'You are loved': Meghan Markle pens empowering messages to sex workers

The Duchess of Sussex has once again won hearts in a public outing - this time while visiting a charity that supports sex workers in the UK.

Meghan Markle, who attended One25 charity in Bristol with Prince Harry, had been observing charity workers packing food parcels for those involved in street sex work when she interjected.

"I have an idea," she reportedly said, before requesting the use of a permanent marker.

Once she had it in her hand, she proceeded to write short but touching messages of encouragement on the bananas in each food parcel, such as "you are loved", "you are brave" and "you are strong".

In an Instagram post documenting the royals' visit to the charity, Kensington Palace described it as "a simple gesture and a way to incorporate positivity and kindness for those needing a self-esteem boost".

"The Duchess asked if she could write empowering messages on the bananas to the women," it read.

"[Her Royal Highness] learned of this idea from an act of kindness by a school cafeteria worker in the US who wrote messages for children, and The Duchess wanted to do the same for others in need."

The messages the Duchess wrote on the bananas will be delivered to the vulnerable women by One25's outreach team.