Aaron Carter admits he slept in Michael Jackson's bed, threatens accuser Wade Robson

Former '90s heartthrob Aaron Carter has threatened to punch Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson over accusations of child molestation made in the Leaving Neverland documentary. 

In an interview with TMZ, the pop singer and younger brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter said he was "disappointed" in Robson, who mentioned him in a tweet defending his claims.

"I'm not alone, you ask @aaroncarter," Robson replied to a tweet calling him a liar. 

"He's trying to tie my name into this s**t?" Carter told TMZ.

"I'm not that guy. I'm not the one. I might be a pop singer but I'm also from the f**king south, and you f**king come at me on some sour s**t, you're lucky I got something to lose now.

"Because I would punch you in your face. I would, and then maybe I'd ask you, 'Eh, are you telling the truth?', but I'd punch you in your face first."

Carter spoke about his own experience hanging out with the King of Pop, calling it "gentle, beautiful, loving and embracing".

"I hung out with Michael Jackson. I stayed at his house. I stayed in his bedroom... I was 15."

The 'I Want Candy' singer, now 31, said Robson was "stomping on" Jackson's grave, and doubted the legitimacy of his story because he didn't press any charges while the music icon was alive.

Carter claimed that he had told the producers of Leaving Neverland to "go f**k themselves" when they approached him for an interview, despite allegedly being offered a six-figure sum.