Claims of sexual assault, fighting at Alice in Chains concert

A social media user has shared their disappointment after their friend was allegedly groped in the mosh pit during Alice in Chains' Auckland concert on Thursday.

The anonymous fan shared the experience on website Reddit, saying it happened to their friend who had been waiting 30 years to see the legendary grunge-metal band.

"While she was jumping around and dancing and generally having the time of her life, a young guy came up behind her, and shoved his hand right up her skirt. And I mean right up there," they wrote.

"She turned around whacked him with the heel of her hand. Like, hard, in the face. He actually stumbled back and fell over. The dude was maybe 19.

"His reaction was one of total surprise, followed by anger. But that soon turned to fear as everyone around him started abusing him, and he disappeared into the crowd of black T-shirts."

Newshub has tried to contact the person who wrote the post.

Other Reddit users said unwanted groping at concerts is not rare.

"I hope your friend is coping OK. It really sucks to be taken advantage of like that especially when you're just trying to have a good time," one person said.

"Yep happened to me when I was 15 watching Metallica, some greasy old bogan put his hand up my skirt," another wrote.

It's not the only example of alleged nasty behaviour at the concert. One fan of the 'Rooster' hitmakers said they saw a fight in the middle of the mosh pit.

"I saw a 40-something big dude going for a drunken idiot. All these women were in the middle trying to break it up, but the idiot wouldn't stop trying to fight this guy who was obviously furious and twice his size.

"Eventually, after a solid 2 or 3 minutes of getting the shit beat out of him, he was on the ground with blood absolutely covering every inch of his face, barely conscious. Security never made an appearance. I saw him later outside with security and police standing over him."

Newshub has contacted the police for confirmation of both incidents.