Dancing With The Stars NZ 2019 contestants: William Waiirua, Nadia Lim, Manu Vatuvei, Jude Dobson

Dust off your dancing shoes, slap on some fake tan and limber up, because Dancing With The Stars NZ is back for 2019, bringing with it a new line-up of celebrities about to get way out of their comfort zone.

William Waiirua, Nadia Lim, Manu Vatuvei and Jude Dobson are all set to step into the ballroom this year in a bid to raise the most money for their chosen charities and take out the competition.

Last year, Mike McRoberts and Matilda Rice were revealed the first two famous faces to join the cast. Matilda has since gotten married and pregnant, and has had to sit this season out.

Here's all you need to know about the next four contestants announced for Dancing With The Stars NZ 2019:

Nadia Lim will compete in Dancing With The Stars NZ 2019.
Nadia Lim and Aaron Gilmore. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Nadia Lim - Celebrity chef
Dance Partner: Aaron Gilmore
Charity: Garden to Table

After starting cooking at the tender age of 12 years old, Nadia Lim is now a name known in many kitchens across Aotearoa.

She took out MasterChef New Zealand back in 2011, and went on to found food delivery service My Food Bag, as well as launching a magazine and hosting her own TV series.

As for what motivated her to swap her chef whites for sequins, Lim says her 80-year-old self told her to do it.

"If there's anything I've learnt, it's that life is just a bunch of experiences, so why not?" she says.

The mother-of-two doesn't have a lot of dancing experience, but does have some confidence in her ability to cut a few shapes.

"It's been a long time since I was on the dance floor of the university bar back in my scarfie days where, believe it or not, I met my future husband - so I must have had at least one or two impressive moves!" 

Manu Vatuvei will compete in Dancing With The Stars NZ 2019.
Manu Vatuvei and Loryn Reynolds. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Manu Vatuvei - Rugby League Player
Dance Partner: Loryn Reynolds
Charity: KidsCan

They don't call him 'The Beast' for nothing - rugby league legend Manu Vatuvei has an NRL career spanning 15 years, over which time he became the Warriors' top try-scorer.

Not content with that list of achievements, Vatuvei stepped into the ring for his pro-boxing debut last year, achieving a first round knockout in less than 30 seconds.

Now, the 33-year-old is facing a brand new challenge, and hoping his athletic prowess will come in handy when he fronts up to the ballroom next month.

"I've been known to do a bit of a quick step on the field, so I hope that translates into some fancy footwork on the dance floor," he says.

"When I first got fitted for my latin shoes and saw they had quite high heels I did have a 'what have I got myself into?' moment, but it's for a good cause and it will give the boys a laugh!"

Jude Dobson will compete in Dancing With The Stars NZ 2019.
Jude Dobson and Matt Tatton-Brown. Photo credit: MediaWorks

Jude Dobson - TV Producer & Presenter
Dance Partner: Matt Tatton-Brown
Charity: Plunket

Jude Dobson may have rocked a glitzy outfit or two during her time on the '90s game show Sale of the Century, but the TV-presenter-turned-producer isn't quite as well versed when it comes to a two-step.

The lifestyle and parenting expert has hosted 10 different primetime shows, including 5.30 With Jude. More recently, she's put her skills as a mum of three to good use by developing a parenting app and website.

"I recognise I'm the dancer with perhaps the most years and kids to my name, with the least experience, and the least number of Instagram followers," she says.

But what she lacks in technical dance training, she makes up for with enthusiasm.

"As utterly terrified as I am about attempting to learn something new - and so darn publicly as well - I figure you've got to grab opportunities when they pop up, and why not scare myself a little in midlife?"

William Waiirua will compete in Dancing With The Stars NZ 2019.
William Waiirua and Amelia McGregor. Photo credit: MediaWorks

William Waiirua - Social Media Influencer
Dance Partner: Amelia McGregor
Charity: The Attitude Trust For People With Disabilities

He taught us all that doing the mahi gets the treats, but can morale booster William Waiirua win the glitter ball trophy?

The social media sensation will be bringing his hip-thrusts, hand gestures and general good vibes to the ballroom this year, but whether or not he'll be rocking his trademark mono-lense sunnies remains to be seen.

With an Instagram follower account approaching 95,000, Waiirua uses social media to drive his passion for helping people of all ages, genders and races to express themselves while living a happy and healthy life.

He's starred in a police recruitment video, a viral rendition of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and his own music video, 'Wowee', featuring Kiwi artist Vince Harder.

The 2019 season of Dancing With The Stars NZ will premiere live on Three on April 14.