'Don't be clever': Former royal aide warns Meghan Markle to know her place

A former aide to the Queen has served a brutal smack down on Meghan Markle, reminding her she's no longer a Hollywood star.

Royal expert Dickie Arbiter, a former palace press secretary, spoke to The Today Show on the back of reports that palace staff had given the Duchess of Sussex the nickname of 'Me-Gain'.

Kensington Palace has said the suggestion is untrue, something Arbiter mostly believes, but the former aide said Markle must remember her place in the royal family.

"Meghan has got to remember, yes, she was the star of soap, there is only one star in the monarchy, and that's the Queen. Everybody else is a supporting player," he said.

"[What] Meghan has got to do, is forget she is on the red carpet of show business, she is now on the crimson carpet of monarchy."

Arbiter said there may be a few officials who don't like how Markle operates, but "Meghan is Meghan".

He said while she has done well working with charities and fitting in with the royal family's usual routines, she has also got to "settle down".

"She has got to sort of think how she is going to operate and the way she is going to operate. Listen to the officials, listen to your communication secretary and operate under their advice," he said.

"Don't try and be clever, don't try and do things yourself."

There has been speculation Markle is difficult to work with, with four staff resignations in a matter of months.

In November, The Daily Mail quoted an inside source as saying that Markle typically starts her working day at 5am and messages her  staff with ideas and requests six or seven times a day.

"Meghan needs someone with reserves of energy and patience to help her define her future role," the source told the newspaper.