Drill rapper spills water on himself during BBC balaclava appearance

A balaclava-wearing drill rapper brought onto a BBC programme to discuss knife crime has made headlines after spilling water on himself.

Booked to appear on BBC Newsnight, notorious star Drillminister turned up wearing a ski mask, a hood, black gloves and dark glasses.

While others were discussing the violent crisis, he decided to take the opportunity to quench his thirst.

Unfortunately it appears his balaclava mouth-hole was too small, leading to him spilling his water onto his clothes.

The embarrassed musician then put his cup back on the table, the other guests appearing not to notice.

But the camera-op picked up the mistake, and made the most the most of it with a pan and zoom. Footage of the incident was posted to social media, complete with humorous captions.

"When you forget you wore a balaclava to appear on @BBCNewsnight," one person wrote.

Drillminister has returned fire on his critics, saying he spilt the water due to its cheap taste.

"I remembered that I had a balaclava on… What I didn't know is the BBC went cheap with the water wasn't Fiji or even Volvic tasted more like a Iceland pack of 12 water for 99p taste to it what you have is my reaction."