Eminem in Wellington: Mayor ready to lose himself

With Eminem in the capital this weekend, you might 'Lose Yourself' in the larger crowds.

Wellington is expected to hit a one-day high in population numbers as the rapper performs. The 'Rap God' will play one sold-out show only in Aotearoa, his first ever in the capital, on Saturday.

The 45,000-strong crowd is set to break attendance records for Westpac Stadium.

Mayor Justin Lester says if you're still looking for somewhere to stay, you'll be out of luck - his place is full.

"There's not a room left in the city, or in the regions for that matter. I've got people from as far away as Taupo coming to stay with me, downstairs in our own house."

Justin Lester.
Justin Lester. Photo credit: The AM Show

Bars and restaurants are also being booked out quickly.

Mr Lester says there is one tune in particular he's looking forward to.

"I think it would have to be 'Lose Yourself' … that's going back to my own early 20s."

'Lose Yourself' has a special connection to Kiwi politics, having been ripped off in a National Party advert in 2014. The party was initially ordered to pay $600,000 in damages to Eight Mile Style - Eminem's publishing company, but the penalty was reduced to $225,000 in December.

Traffic around Westpac Stadium is expected to be awful, with 90,000 expected to show up to the Newtown Festival too this weekend.

"Newtown is best avoided if you're trying to get somewhere in a hurry," said Wellington City Council infrastructure manager Siobhan Procter.

"Keep your speed down and keep your eyes peeled in case a pedestrian makes a wrong move we want this weekend to be memorable for all the right reasons."

She says public transport will be the best option.