Ex-wives' comments on Michael Jackson abuse claims re-emerge

Despite multiple allegations and court cases over the years, Michael Jackson's ex-wives have always stood by him.

Comments from Lisa Marie Presley and Debbie Rowe regarding alleged abuse of children have re-emerged after the release of documentary Leaving Neverland.

To the surprise of many, both Presley and Rowe have backed Jackson as being a trustworthy and essentially good person.

Even after divorcing Jackson in 1998, Rowe said Jackson's good character was undeniable.

"I believe there are people who should be parents, and he's one of them. And he is such a fabulous man, and such a good friend, and he's always been there for me, always, from the day I met him," Rowe told ABC News in 2003.

After a fresh round of allegations that same year, following the documentary Living with Michael Jackson, Rowe once again publicly supported the pop star.  

"He's a really wonderful, loving, caring man. And he's not portrayed as he really is and it really pisses me off," she told GMTV.

Rowe also appeared in the 2005 molestation and 2013 wrongful death court trials with both of her testimonies favouring Jackson.

Similarly, Presley hinted that the person portrayed in the media was not a true version of Michael Jackson.

"It's unfortunate that not a lot of people know who he really is because he doesn't let anybody see it.

"He has an idea of how he should represent himself to the public which he thinks works for him, which is that sort of meek, victim, quiet thing that he does," Presley told Diane Sawyer.

"He wants to lock into you and he wants to intrigue you and capture you, and whatever he wants to do with you, he can do it. He's very capable of doing that.

In 2003, Presley is quoted in J Randy Taraborrelli's book about Michael's life, The Magic And The Madness: "I believed he didn't do anything wrong, and that he was wrongly accused."

However, she did hint at Jackson's unique relationship with children when she appeared with her then-husband on Sawyer's TV show in 1995.

She said: "They don't even let him go to the bathroom without running in there with him... when he jumps in the bed, I'm even out. He jumps in there with them."

Asked if she would let her own son do that, Presley added: "If I didn't know Michael, no way.

"But I happen to know who he is and what he is, and I know that he's not like that. I know that he has a thing for children."

Perhaps pointedly, Presley hasn't commented on any allegations against Jackson since that 2003 book and has made no comment on the Leaving Neverland documentary.