'I just felt helpless': Fresh claims of sexual assault at Alice in Chains concert in Auckland

Fresh claims of sexual assault at Alice in Chains' Auckland concert on Thursday are emerging, along with stories of violent and boorish behaviour.

On Saturday, an anonymous fan shared their disappointment to Reddit after their friend was allegedly groped in the mosh pit.

"While she was jumping around and dancing and generally having the time of her life, a young guy came up behind her and shoved his hand right up her skirt. And I mean right up there," they wrote.

"She turned around whacked him with the heel of her hand. Like, hard, in the face. He actually stumbled back and fell over. The dude was maybe 19.

"His reaction was one of total surprise, followed by anger. But that soon turned to fear as everyone around him started abusing him, and he disappeared into the crowd of black t-shirts."

Now, Wellington woman Shakira Walsh has shared her story as well. Ms Walsh is a "huge" Alice in Chains fan, and has waited nearly a decade to see the metal greats.

But after queuing up for seven hours to make it to the front, her experience was marred by a group of hooligans.

"We got to the front and the band was amazing but we got surrounded by the wrong people," she told Newshub. "It was almost like 'there's a chick at the front, what does she know?'"

Soon they began attacking Ms Walsh, pulling her hair, digging their nails into her sides and sexually assaulting her.

"They were putting their hands in places that as a female... putting hands up my skirt, hands everywhere, just to get me to move from the front," she says.

"I just felt helpless. Can't even move my legs and it's just happening to you."

She's been left with still-visible bruises - and says she wasn't the only person affected by the "absolutely appalling" group.

"I saw the same thing going on to the girl next to me," she says. "They were groping, hands up tops."

The mob's behaviour became increasingly violent, and they successfully drove out an older couple, about 60-70 years old, after grabbing the man by the scruff of his t-shirt.

But after waiting for so many years to see the band, Ms Walsh was determined not to be "driven out by douchebags", and she called for security to help. However, as they didn't see the groping, they didn't act.

"They were very good at giving us water but they didn't pull these guys out because they couldn't see," she told Newshub.

"I tried to fight back, but when you're five-foot dealing with a six-foot guy... these guys were big guys."

Ms Walsh says their behaviour was "completely inappropriate and inexcusable", and wants awareness to protect other people.

"Being in a mosh pit is no excuse for sexual assault, despite how many people, both male and female, accept this at the norm," she told Newshub.

"I'm an adult, but I am concerned as I have two younger sisters, who are aged 14-15, who enjoy music and deserve to be safe in an environment during a concert. Both females and males deserve to enjoy music without sexual assault."

It's not the only example of alleged nasty behaviour at the concert. One fan of the 'Rooster' hitmakers wrote on Reddit they saw a fight in the middle of the mosh pit.

"I saw a 40-something big dude going for a drunken idiot. All these women were in the middle trying to break it up, but the idiot wouldn't stop trying to fight this guy who was obviously furious and twice his size.

"Eventually, after a solid two or three minutes of getting the shit beat out of him, he was on the ground with blood absolutely covering every inch of his face, barely conscious. Security never made an appearance. I saw him later outside with security and police standing over him."

Newshub has contacted the police for confirmation of the incidents. They say there were no reports of jobs at the venue.