Jason Gunn releases heartwrenching Christchurch attack song

Kiwi icon Jason Gunn has released a heartwrenching song commemorating the Christchurch terror attack.

Titled 'My Hometown', he sings of the tragedy which has claimed the lives of 50 innocent people.

He goes through the events on the day, including mentioning the Bangladesh cricket team and the school kids' strike for climate change, as people realise the scale of the attack.

"News came through, as the horror hit, it was slowly clear," he sings.

"That things we'd seen only on our screens were somehow happening here."

He continues with lyrics about the aftermath of the terror attack and how "silently, we pay respect and shed a million tears". He then finishes with a powerful message - that "a new rebuild has just begun, a rebuild of our hearts".

Gunn says he was inspired to write the song after "struggling with what exactly to say this last week".

"So my wife Janine and my brother Andy helped me put some words to music," he wrote on Facebook.

"I'm not a singer... just a guy from Christchurch trying to be a better person. BIG LOVE TO YOU AND YOUR WHANAU."

In another video, Gunn discusses the "pain, shock, despair" the attack has caused and asks people to share love with each other. 

"I just want to say I love you, wherever you may be, I bloody love you. I love this country," he says.

"All I'm going to do, and I would ask you to do if you're a parent this weekend, is to reassure your beautiful children, your whanau, to remind them that there is still so much love in the world of ours and so much love in this country of ours."