MAFS NZ star's gruesome injuries after brutal bottling attack

A former Married At First Sight NZ star has been left with gruesome facial injuries after he was brutally bottled on Friday night.

Gareth Noble, part of the 2018 season, was violently assaulted in Cromwell, Otago after someone mistakenly took offence to one of his comments.

"There was a misunderstanding last night," he wrote in an Instagram story.

"A guy thought I had made a comment towards him but was actually talking to someone else, unfortunately his way of dealing with it was a bit different to mine."

The attacker then hit him with a bottle of Corona, and Noble posted an image to Instagram showing the result.

"Throwing a bottle at someone's face is not the best way to go about things, but life goes on," he wrote.

"Luckily no glass got in my eye, just a broken nose and few superficial scar and bruises."

The news has outraged commenters, who call it "completely unnecessary".

"Anyone who knows this lad, knows he is kind, sweet and caring and does NOT deserve this type of treatment!" one person said.

"I'm really sad to see this and hope you are OK! Press charges Gareth, people who behave this way need to know it is not ok!"