Married At First Sight AU: Tearful Jess chooses to stay, holds Mick hostage so she can continue affair

Married At First Sight Australia groom Mick was trapped into a loveless marriage for the third week in a row when wife Jessika chose to stay on the show so she could pursue another married man.

A tearful Jess was taken to task by her fellow contestants for lying after several of the group cottoned on to her indiscretions with Dan, who is still married to Tamara.

"Why do I have to answer to everybody else in this group?" Jess asked during the commitment ceremony.

'"I'm not married to any of you. What do I owe any of you?"

"Honesty, respect," answered Heidi's husband Mike.

"Unfortunately with Jess, you can catalogue a history of dishonesty from day one. We've all seen it and it's a shame," he added. 

Jess and Dan have already shared two forbidden kisses this season, both times at dinner parties where their respective partners have been waiting just meters away.

While the group remains in the dark about the pair's acts of infidelity, Jess publicly announced her attraction to Dan upon his introduction to the show, which Cyrell exposed her for the previous night.

"Everyone's sick of the fakeness that's coming across here. Everyone's starting to see through it," Jess' husband Mick told the experts.

Unsurprisingly, Mick chose to leave the experiment - something he's been attempting to do for weeks.

"Please, for the love of god," Mick said as he flashed the card showing his decision. 

Sadly, no amount of pleading or crossed fingers could help Mick, as Jess decided to stay, trapping him in the relationship for another week.

"After last night's dinner party, there's so many things that need to still be spoken about here," she said.

"No, you didn't. No, re-draw, re-draw. Why? Why?" Mick replied.

Despite Jess' assertions that she simply wanted to re-build a friendship with Mick, her real motives were revealed to producers after the ceremony.

"I came here to find love and a partner, and I feel like I could potentially find that with Dan. It's not something I can ignore."

"I am sorry, and I feel horrible if it hurts anyone along the way, but I need to do this for me."

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