Married At First Sight Australia cheaters Jess and Dan share not-so-secret kiss

Married At First Sight Australia has been rocked by its second cheating scandal of the season as Dan Webb and Jessika Power shared a not-so-secret kiss at Wednesday night's dinner party.

With their marriages rapidly deteriorating, it appeared Jess and Dan had no qualms doing the dirty on their respective partners, Mick Gould and Tamara Joy.

At the previous dinner party, Jess propositioned another groom - Nic Jovanovic - who rebuffed her advances as inappropriate. Undettered, Jess moved swiftly on to flirting with Dan - a move that achieved the desired result, albeit a week later.

"Tonight, I know what I want," she told producers.

"I'm very interested in Dan. Very interested. But how am I supposed to talk to him when Tamara's sitting right there?"

Where there's a will, there's a way, it appeared, as Jess moved in for the kill, taking a seat next to Dan at the table.

"I feel like everyone's staring at us," he said.

"We can go away to speak so everyone stops staring at us?" Jess replied.

Once outside, Dan told Jess to "get close" to him, before admitting he wasn't attracted to his wife.

"You're a very good looking guy. I just can't walk away from this knowing there could be something potentially with yourself," Jess replied.

The exchange ended with a forbidden kiss, before the pair made a plan to stay in the experiment with their blissfully ignorant matches in order to get to know each other better.

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