Married At First Sight Australia: Drunk bride Jess hits on two grooms at dinner party

A boozy dinner party on Married At First Sight Australia set the scene for Jessika Power to stray from her marriage to Mick Gould and attempt to hook up with two other grooms.

After questioning whether or not she was physically attracted to Mick, Jessika appeared to go on a search for a new partner, starting with Cyrell Paule's partner Nic Jovanovic.

"I am sexually attracted to Nic," Jessika told producers, before taking him aside to proposition him.

"Are you happy with Cyrell?" Jessika asked Nic.

"My relationship isn't going very well at the moment. I just wanted to see how you're feeling because, along the way, I have developed some feelings towards you."

The confession didn't get the desired response, however, as Nic quickly shut down any hopes of a partner swap.

"Look, I'm not gonna lie," said Nic.

"Cyrell and I have a lot arguments, drama and fights, but there's nothing that I would do to jeopardise my marriage. Yeah, I'm married. I don't want to do this. I want to do the right thing by Cyrell."

After explaining the conversation was making him "uncomfortable," Nic made a hasty exit, leaving Jessika to move on to her next target, Dan Webb, who was recently introduced to the show along with new wife Tamara Joy.

"Yeah, look at the end of the day we are all married here," Jessika told producers.

"But we've all come in here looking for love and, if it's not with our respective partners I feel like there is the option to experience other husbands.

"I want someone I can spend the rest of my life with and, honestly, if I have to hurt feelings along the way to get that then so be it, that's what I'll do."

Cosying up to Dan in front of his wife went better than expected for Jessika, who didn't waste any time telling the married man he was "very good looking".

"Nah, I'm up myself," Dan replied.

"I'm sure I could blow a little more smoke up that arse," said Jessika.

While the experts called the display "sad to see" Jessika and Dan promised to exchange numbers, unbeknownst to their respective partners.

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