Married At First Sight Australia groom lies to wife, sneaks off for sordid hookup with mistress

Married At First Sight Australia groom Dan seems determined to continue his affair with fellow contestant Jess, even if it means brazenly lying to his wife and her family.

Dan and Jess, matched with Tamara and Mick, respectively, have been pursuing a secret relationship since they first met at a dinner party. The pair have shared several forbidden kisses behind their partner's backs, but during Monday night's episode, took things to a new level.

After Dan lied to Tamara about needing "me time", he met Jess for a rendezvous at a local pub that later saw the two head back to the apartment Jess shares with husband Mick.

"I am all in with you,' Jess told Dan.

"She's very giddy and stumbling over her words," Dan remarked to producers.

Despite keeping things under wraps until now, Jess hinted that she'd like to come clean about the affair as soon as possible.

"Ultimately, I am keeping someone here who knows there's no relationship," she said, referring to husband Mick, who she recently trapped in the experiment for another week. 

"It's like, how long can I keep up the facade? It needs to come out soon."

After sneaking back to Jess and Mick's apartment, the intimacy between the pair ramped up a notch. 

"I'm so excited for the future with you. I'd like to see how we connect physically," Jess said.

"You're a beautiful woman. The way you speak, your looks, the way you touch me. If I kept seeing you like this every day, I'd be in love with you in a week," Dan replied.

After a steamy make out session, the pair parted ways to have an extremely awkward lunch date with their original partner's family members. When questioned what he had done that day, Dan told Tamara he had just "popped out to get some food".

Married At First Sight Australia is currently airing on Sundays at 7pm and Monday -Wednesday at 7.30pm on Three. Previous episodes can be viewed online on ThreeNow.