Review: Jordan Peele's Us is an 'uber-creepy' film with more than meets the eye

Oscar-winner Jordan Peele is back with his new film Us hitting NZ cinemas.

Just like his first feature Get Out there is far more here than meets the eye.

It's also, again, R-Rated for violence, offensive language and content that may disturb, so parents book the babysitter, Us is quite clearly not for the kids.

In fact, given I watched a goodly portion of this uber-creepy horror through my fingers I'd argue it might not be for some grownups either.

But as it turned out Us was entirely worth pushing through my fright or flight barrier, giving me far more to think about, than be scared about.

Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong'o (12 Years a Slave/Black Panther) absolutely deserves another for this stand-out performance as a mother and loving wife who heads to the seaside with her two kids and hubby for the holidays.

It takes about five minutes for their happy holiday to descend from happy to horror when another family gate-crashes proceedings. 

And when I say horror, I don't mean the uninvited guests take the best bedrooms, eat all their food and take over the TV remote.

I mean the kind of horror that could keep you up nights for the rest of your life.

Because this new family is the same as their family, as in identical, and not in a good way.

I really don't want to dish more detail than this, I'd much rather the story bleed fresh from the screen into your brain to let the obsessing begin!

But allow me to leave you with this notion; what may seem like a simple opportunity to scare up a few frights and indulge in a little cinematic bloodletting for our viewing "pleasure" is instead Jordan Peele getting right under our skin embedding an incredibly clever story into the conscious and very subconscious like a virus.

I quite simply cannot stop ruminating on it.

4.5 Stars.