'Scary reality': Alice in Chains concert alleged assault victim speaks out

A woman who was allegedly assaulted at an Alice in Chains concert says what happened during the event, and in the aftermath, are part of a "scary reality" for women.

The woman, who Newshub has agreed not to name, said she was having the time of her life at the concert before a man stuck his hand up her dress.

He got mad when she hit him in the face in retaliation, but the woman said people who had witnessed the incident told him to move on.

She then had to put the incident behind her and get on with the rest of her evening.

The woman's friend made a post about the incident on social media site Reddit, and commenters said they weren't surprised as such incidents at concerts are common.

But it's upsetting that women have been trained to quickly move on from a sexual assault, the woman said.

"It hasn't made me traumatized or anything and I guess that in itself is quite a scary reality.

"Because it means that... women are so [accustomed] to that sort of behaviour that we don't even really... pause in our stride and that's kind of scary in itself."

It's not the first time the woman has been assaulted at a concert either, she told Newshub she could think of at least two other incidents from events at Auckland's Spark Arena.

She said a drunk man pushed her against a barrier and stuck his tongue into her mouth in one incident, while another saw a group of men follow her across the arena and ask to dance with her.

They weren't happy when she said no.

"Straight away they got that entitled 'what's your problem', you know, 'you're frigid, you're a bitch', whatever.

"Luckily that time, again, there were people around who just said 'look, leave her alone' and they retreated, but it happens all the time."