'She gets bigger by the day' - The Edge's Megan Annear tearfully opens up about fat-shaming comment

The Edge radio host Megan Annear fought back tears as she opened up about the effect a Facebook comment about her appearance had on her.

Annear explained her fiancé Guy Mansell, who also hosts The Edge Workday show, had posted a video featuring her, prompting a nasty comment which quickly gathered a lot of traction.

"Shit, she gets bigger by the day," it read.

While the broadcaster explained she had been touched by the many commenters who came to her defence, she found the comment on her appearance hurtful.

"I can see myself in the mirror, I know I'm not small, I know I'm a big girl," she said.

"But it's when people think that it's the worst thing people can call me and that it should insult me, that's when it starts to get up in my head.

"It normally doesn't affect me at all, but for some reason it kind of did yesterday. I had a big cry about it."

Annear, who also has a YouTube channel where she reviews plus size clothing brands and talks about body confidence, added that she found the experience "frustrating".

"You can be the best person, you can try to be the nicest, you can be the best at your job... but if you're fat, that's all people see you as, and that's very frustrating," she said through tears.

"Like it overrides all the amazing qualities that someone can possess," co-host Clinton Randell added.

"Yeah, doesn't matter. Doesn't matter, you're fat and that's all that matters to them is that you're just gross," Annear said.

Dom Harvey urged listeners to be kinder when commenting online.

"I'd like to think that person is in the tiny minority," added Randell. 

"If I had to choose my life and be fat, or choose his life and be miserable, and troll people and be skinny, I know I'd chose my life one hundred times over," Annear said.