'There's no script': Melissa Lucarelli insists MAFS AU cast aren't actors

Married at First Sight Australia star Melissa Lucarelli spoke to The Project on Monday night about fake relationships, fake people and fake hair.

Ms Lucarelli admitted that yes, some of the cast are actors - but she insists they weren't acting on the show.

"Yes, there are a lot of people that have been in a commercial or been on TV, but I don't think that makes you an actor," she said.

"There's no script - so it's like a chef, with no ingredients. An actor coming on the show with no script - it's not acting."

She also spoke out about the way women are portrayed on the show, saying it's all due to selective casting, and the women are not as "banshee-like" as they seem to be.

"I think what they did was they cast 12 women with big personalities," she said.

"They're outgoing, they're opinionated, and the guys are more reserved - they don't speak out as much. So the women end up being painted like banshees."

Ms Lucarelli held nothing back during her interview on The Project - from how the show is cast, to why her ex-husband Dino Hari's hair looked "wet and oily".

"The whole time we were together I couldn't understand why his hair didn't move. I used to say he needed to calm down with the gel, but it's actually a glued on toupee!" she revealed.

Watch the full interview above.