'You selfish brat!': Married At First Sight AU's Mick explodes after wife Jess admits affair with Dan

It was the moment Married At First Sight Australia fans had been waiting weeks for - the confession of a sordid affair that left two contestants blindsided by their partners' infidelity.

During Sunday night's commitment ceremony, Jess finally admitted she had been seeing Dan behind her husband Mick's back, all the while lying to Dan's wife Tamara about their relationship.

"I came into this experiment wanting to find somebody I could build a life with, somebody that makes me happy and somebody that makes me feel confident and somebody that makes me excited to wake up in the morning and I've found that," Jess said.

"But it's not with Mick. It's with Dan."

Shockwaves rippled through the group as Dan began apologising to his wife Tamara before launching into an explanation.

"I need to get this off my chest," he said.

"I'm here for love, right? And me and Tam, we're at a place where friendship was there. And it wasn't moving anywhere.

"Jess spoke to me at the dinner table a couple of times. I was fighting it, I didn't want to speak to her because I was attracted to her from day one.

"We caught up one day this week and had a drink together," he admitted, omitting the several secret kisses the pair shared at group dinner parties previously.

"So what'd you do?" asked fellow contestant Heidi.

"Ah, it was nothing... we just talked we didn't go have sex or anything," Dan replied.

"Did you kiss?" Heidi questioned.

"Yeah, we did kiss. Yep," Dan confessed.

For Mick, who was trapped into staying into the experiment by Jess for three weeks in a row so that she could pursue Dan, this was the final straw.  

"Now it all makes sense! You are the most selfish brat ever! You spoiled bitch!" he yelled.

"To think at one stage I actually bloody liked you!"

Mick then choked back tears and stormed off.

Dan's wife Tamara was similarly upset.

"Everyone convinced me to stay and now I feel like a complete f**khead!" she said, before squaring off with Jess.

"I've had your back! And you shat all over me!" she said to her husband's mistress.

In an unprecedented move by the experts, it was decided that Jess and Dan would be allowed to continue in the experiment together as a couple, while their scorned partners left.

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