Alex Jones back on YouTube with Logan Paul

  • 11/04/2019

Two of the most notorious US broadcasters of the last few years have joined forces for a new YouTube video, causing outrage.

Logan Paul is a vlogger known for publishing footage of himself giggling beside a real suicide victim in Japan, while Alex Jones is a right-wing conspiracy theorist who harassed the grieving parents of children murdered in the Sandy Hook massacre, insisting it didn't happen.

The pair got together on Impaulsive, which describes itself as "the world's greatest, most thought-provoking, mentally stimulating podcast in the history of mankind... hosted by a bunch of idiots".

Jones was banned from YouTube and other major platforms in 2018 for breaching their rules, so his being welcomed onto Paul's podcast has been sharply criticised by some online.

"Twelve-year-old Logan Paul fans are going to start harassing Sandy Hook parents soon, so that's f**king cool and normal," tweeted fellow podcaster Zach Heltzel.

"Logan Paul, a Youtube meathead who recently mocked suicide victims and has 18 million teenage subscribers, is hosting far right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his podcast today. This is how radicalisation happens online," tweeted free speech activist Nathan Bernard.

Julia Alexander, a journalist at The Verge, live-tweeted the Paul/Jones broadcast, with her opening tweet suggesting its existence means YouTube was "a mistake".

Paul is not the first successful YouTuber to give Jones a platform after his own content was banned from the platform - Joe Rogan also invited him on for a lengthy episode of his show earlier this year.

In both the Paul and Rogan episodes, Jones shares his opinions about a variety of topics, including the Sandy Hook massacre, gay frogs, drug use, aliens, human-animal hybrids, religion and politics.