'Backpack Kid' explains meteoric rise to fame, tries and fails to teach Patrick Gower how to floss

Patrick Gower has showcased his dance moves to the nation, after learning the decade's most popular dance move from the boy who coined it.

Russell Horning may not be a name you know - but you'll definitely know his signature move "flossing", and maybe his nickname: 'The Backpack Kid'.

On Wednesday night, Horning appeared via Skype on The Project to talk about his rise to internet stardom.

He says he invented the move in his bathroom, and it blew up on Instagram. In 2017, Horning appeared on Saturday Night Live with Katy Perry, and the rest is history.

He says he's taught "hundreds, maybe thousands" of people how to floss - but there's always room for one more, and Gower was determined he was the man for the job.

"I'm going to ask you to teach one more person," he said. "And that's me."

Step by step, Horning ran through the moves and Gower enthusiastically matched him.

"It's actually... quite easy," he said, while waving his arms at waist level.

"Paddy, you're nailing it mate," said co-host Jeremy Corbett through laughter. "If that's how you floss your teeth, you're gonna do yourself a lot of damage."

Watch the full interview above.