Crips, Bloods call truce to honour slain rapper Nipsey Hussle

The tragic death of US rapper has bought two feuding gangs together to honour his memory.

The notorious LA-based gangs - the Bloods and the Crips - put their enmity aside to march peacefully on Friday. They are now reportedly discussing a peace treaty.

Nipsey Hussle, real name Ermias Davidson Ashedom, was shot multiple times outside his clothing store in Los Angeles. He was pronounced dead at hospital.

His death appears to have sparked a move towards a cease-fire between warring gangs, with members from Watts, Compton, LA and Inglewood meeting together to discuss the future.

Community leader Big U told TMZ that in the wake of his death, various gang leaders began contacting him and others with the idea of a rally to pay tribute to his life and death.

"We're having a gang truce and a gang rally so all the different gangs from LA can get together and celebrate the life and the gift of Nipsey," he said.

"It's in honour of Nipsey. There's a lot of people who said they wanted to get together and come to a vigil and pay respect because Nipsey was the first real LA artist that was from LA."

Footage of the march has spread across social media. It shows grieving gang members uniting in their walk to Hussle's clothing store.

It's the first ceasefire since 1992, when rival gangs came together during riots following the Rodney King police trial.

Big U said he hoped it could lead to "sit-downs with different gangs", which could result in a long-term truce.

Nipsey Hussle was a nominee at this year's Grammy Awards for his debut album Victory Lap, but lost to Cardi B.