Dancing with the Stars NZ: Glen Osborne's 'divine' waltz brings judge Camilla to tears

Glen Osborne's third routine on Dancing with the Stars NZ reduced one of the judges to tears and earned him the competition's highest score yet.

The former All Black performed an elegant and tender waltz with partner Vanessa, which had a special family meaning for him.

"My Nan always wanted me to waltz," he told host Dai Henwood. "I know she's watching me from above."

When the pair finished dancing, Camilla Sacre-Dallerup struggled to speak through her visible emotion.

"I want to be completely honest…down here, I felt like bursting into tears," she said. "When Vanessa put her head on your chest, and you were leading her… I can hardly speak. Sorry."

Fellow judge Julz Tocker, who also claimed to have shed a tear during the dance, said Osborne "captivated us and put us in this hypnotic state".

"You had a great frame, you had great footwork," added Rachel White. "You had perfect body contact."

The pair earned an 8 and two 9s, giving them the highest score of the season yet tied with Laura Daniel.

The next episode of DWTS NZ will air on Sunday at 7pm on Three. The full episode can be watched again on ThreeNow.