How a 6yo break dancer started the rise of UK band Jungle

A six-year-old child in a beanie sparked the meteoric rise of British band Jungle.

Her dance moves to the song 'Platoon' went viral and suddenly the London-based band went global.

The 70s-style funk collective sold out the Auckland power station on Thursday, but they were battling obscurity when the child, known as B-Girl Terra, spun them to fame.

"A friend of mine, Charlie, knew her and he said: 'Look, you've just got to check this girl out' and he showed me a video on his iPhone of her doing a head spin to one of our songs," co-founder Josh Lloyd-Watson told Newshub.

"We were like: 'Wow we've just got to make this happen', so it all started from there really."

Lloyd-Watson and fellow band member Tom McFarland now cast some of the best dancers in Britain for their videos.

"One of the great things to us, as musicians, is watching someone tell your story back to us in a different way. And, actually, you end up learning more about your music because you've seen it through a different prism," McFarland said.

Just as they've put their faith in the dancers they've also trusted their cameras. The latest video 'Casio' was just the sixth go at a single shot take.

"With one shot takes you kind of capture a moment, and that's it. It's not necessarily perfect, the routine or the camera -work, but it's about that energy," McFarland said.

"When you say 'cut' at the end of that one take, you say that's the one you're going to use."

They've been doing it their way since Lloyd-Watson moved next door to McFarland at the age of 10.

"You know when you were kids you just jump over the garden wall and try to make as many friends as possible and I guess we just started playing music together and being in bands and growing up," McFarland said.

For years, music moguls tried to put the pair into one box or other, but when they did what they wanted there was chemistry.

"I think Jungle was the first point we were like: 'we're going to do it this way' and everyone else can like it or not," said Lloyd-Watson. 

Only live audiences a get the full experience as Lloyd-Watson and McFarland don't grace their own videos due to a perceived lack of dancing skills.

Jungle was in Auckland for a one-night stand. They're in Sydney this weekend then Latin America, before going back to the UK for big summer festivals like Glastonbury.

With continued success, however, Jungle is sure to be back here soon.