Jude Dobson is the first elimination from Dancing with the Stars

Jude Dobson is the first contestant to be eliminated from this season's Dancing with The Stars.

After dancing a less-than-perfect foxtrot the votes were in and Dobson was eliminated.

Despite all three judges telling Dobson she had improved since her last performance, it wasn't enough to keep her in the competition.

Aside from her improvement, the judges had some harsh words for Dobson.

"Your footwork was not perfect, a little clonky at times," said Julz Tocker.

"I would have loved to have seen a little more musicality, especially with a foxtrot," said Rachel White.

Dobson and her partner scored a total of 18 - an improvement of their score of 14 the previous week.

"They danced so beautifully this evening and for such a beautiful reason as well," said host Sharyn Casey.

Dobson explained she was dancing for her late parents, who would have been celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

"It's my parents' wedding anniversary in a couple of days, they would have had their 60th wedding anniversary. They've both gone now, but I've got my mum here," said Dobson, pointing to a ring on her finger.

"These were her rings, so she did the dance."

Dobson was also dancing for Plunket, a charity organisation that provides a range of free health services to children under the age of five.

She says the organisation is one close to her heart.

"I make a resource called Raising Children about the first 1000 days and Plunket are one of my advisors, and those first days are just incredible. I'm big in to little people and supporting parents,"

The announcement of the pair's elimination drew a sound of disbelief from the crowd as Dobson and her instructor, Matt Tatton-Brown embraced.

When she was asked if she wanted to thank anyone, Dobson wished to thank her instructor Matt Tatton-Brown, and she had an apology too.

"You're an amazing man and I'm sorry I let you down," she told him.

"No, you haven't let me down at all, mate" he replied 

"You've done me proud, I'm stoked with what we've been able to achieve here, and it's been an absolute pleasure dancing with you."