Justin Bieber under fire for 'disgusting' April Fools 'prank' about wife's pregnancy

Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Bieber.
Justin Bieber and wife Hailey Bieber. Photo credit: Getty.

Justin Bieber has come under fire for an "insensitive" extended April Fools' joke about his wife being pregnant.

The 'Baby' hitmaker posted to Instagram with a picture of an ultrasound, getting fans of the singer and his model wife Hailey Bieber excited about a baby on the way.

Some fans noticed that it was April 1, so the singer posted another image of Hailey in what appeared to be a hospital bed.

The response was one of congratulations, but that quickly turned sour after Bieber posted an image of a third ultrasound with a puppy in the middle, captioned "wait omg is that a... APRIL FOOLS."

Commenters were disgusted with the prank, which some argued made light of the many heartbreaking pregnancy issues that affect women's lives.

"One in four women suffer from infertility, miscarriages, stillborn babies. How f**king disrespectful, April fools or not, fake pregnancy announcements are f**king disgusting," said a Twitter user.

Others said the move was "sickening" and that he should not be able to get away with it just because of his fame.

"Do you know how many couples struggle to get pregnant? How many women have miscarriages? If a normal person (non-famous) did this, y'all would be f**king fuming."