Kiwi artists band together to help the Salvation Army

Some of the country's most talented musicians and artists have banded together to raise money for those in need. 

They've created an album and matching artworks, with proceeds going to the Salvation Army. 

Among those who've volunteered their time and voices, are TEEKS and Hollie Smith. The pair recorded their own version of Whakaaria Mai for the album, titled Offering. 

But the single's release was brought forward following the Christchurch terror attacks. TEEKS and Smith performed the song at the National Remembrance Service last month. 

"It was an incredibly powerful day, and we all took a little while to recover after that," recalls Smith. "I mean I didn't really realise until I came off stage and realised how badly I was shaking."

TEEKS and Smith are two of 12 Kiwi musicians who've taken part in the project to raise funds for New Zealand's most vulnerable communities. 

"I just felt like there was no way you couldn't say yes to being a part of this project and I'm very proud to be a part of it," says TEEKS. 

Each song on the album has been paired with an artist, to inspire a dozen beautiful artworks. Dick Frizzell painted the album cover, while Reuben Paterson created the piece to go with Whakaaria Mai. 

Next week all 12 artworks will go up for auction, with proceeds going to the Salvation Army. 

"We do have a lot of problems in our small neighbourhoods and communities around the country so hopefully this goes to the right places," says Smith.