MAFS AU finale: Lizzie explodes after watching husband Sam call her 'bigger girl' at their wedding

The much-anticipated finale of Married At First Sight Australia provided the opportunity for many of the contestants to watch back footage they had never seen before, prompting tears, tantrums and total meltdowns.

On reviewing footage of her wedding day, Lizzie watched in horror as husband Sam - who went on to cheat on her with fellow bride Ines - described her as a "bigger girl" after meeting her at the altar.

"I've never really dated girls as big as Elizabeth in the past," he said, before promising to "get her running in the morning".

"What the hell is that?" a horrified Lizzie responded.

"You just met me on the wedding, right, OK? You judge me by my appearance, that I'm a larger girl, I'm a heavy girl, OK? So, what is he setting the tone for all women out there?

"You're not worthy enough if you're not, what, a size six or below? You're not worthy enough."

Sam chose to skip the final episode, leaving Lizzie with no one to vent her considerable anger at.

"I am just appalled that he would just make it so free to comment on a woman's weight. That to me is absolutely despicable and disgusting, disgusting," she said.

Lizzie was also confronted with scenes of Sam describing what happened behind closed doors during their time together. 

"Are you absolutely out of your mind?" she yelled.

"[Saying] that I'm jumping on you in bed. Are you out of your mind? Why are you trying to belittle me?

"He's making up stories to tell the boys, because that's what a gentleman does? He made up bullshit to me, made up bullshit to you fellas, OK?" Elizabeth said to the other grooms.

"I was being fed totally different things by him. And then he's just going around [saying], 'She's a fatty who wants to bang me.' Wow. Wow."

And while Sam's absence left the air distinctly uncleared, Lizzie was able to call a kind of truce with his former mistress Ines, who cried on the couch when revisiting her tryst with Sam.

"I don't want to be nasty to you anymore," Lizzie told Ines. "I'm done with that."

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