MAFS AU's Jess and Dan in explosive fight during horribly awkward live TV interview

Married at First Sight Australia is over for the year, and it looks like Jess and Dan's relationship could be over too.

On Monday night's episode, the couple watched the footage of Jess propositioning another contestant Nic Jovanovic, who was married to Cyrell.

Dan had asked Jess previously if she had tried to cheat on her then-husband Mick with anyone before him. She lied and said no.

The damning video showed Dan Jess's true colours - and he wasn't happy with what he saw. Most of their fight occurred during the ad break, according to co-host John Aitken.

But the fight had clearly carried over as the couple sat miles away from each other. The tension could be cut with the daggers Jess was shooting at Dan as he told Aitken how he felt 

"The question I've got is why did she lie about it? Why couldn't she be honest from the start?" said Dan. "That's what unsettles me the most."

Jess admitted her poor behavior, but didn't seem to feel particularly repentant about it.

"Looking back, it does look like I hit on him - and that's what everyone here seems to want me to admit so yeah, I'll admit it," she said.

Whether the couple will recover remains to be seen. But Dan doesn't seem so sure.

"It raises huge trust issues for me, and that's what we've been struggling with over the last few months in our relationship."