Married At First Sight AU cheater Sam dons dinosaur suit for new career as YouTuber

Married At First Sight Australia, the show that has gifted us tantrums, cheating scandals and too many sets of fake lips to count, has blessed us with another 'what the actual hell' moment for the ages.

Sam Ball, known for his affair with cast mate Ines Basic - and for having a short novel tattooed on his right pectoral muscle - has decided to become a YouTuber.

In a delightfully cringe-worthy turn of events, Sam's first teaser video shows him hooning around a car park in an inflatable T-Rex costume, for reasons best known to himself.

But wait, there's more! Not only has he named the channel 'Sam The Rogue' - pretty badass, if you ask me - but he misspelled his own name in the video's original title.

"Same [sic] The Rogue in Tyrannosaurus Wrecks Teaser," it read, prompting jeers from the townspeople.

"I think you have a typo in the video title, champ," one comment read.

Having amended this fairly glaring oversight, Sam presumably sat back and waited for his platinum YouTube play button to arrive in the post. So far, sadly, things aren't looking good.

With 1155 views and a dislike to like ratio of 92 to 14 at the time of writing, old mate might have been better off reprising his role as an extra on Home and Away.

Godspeed, Same. We eagerly await the full cinematic event.