Married At First Sight AU reunion gets savage as Martha drenches Cyrell with wine

The Married At First Sight Australia reunion dinner party descended into complete chaos after Martha poured an entire glass of wine over Cyrell's head, prompting a fiery retaliation.

Martha watched on icily as her husband Michael was berated by Cyrell for knowing about Jess and Dan's sordid affair and not speaking up.

"When it comes to your wife, you have no balls," Cyrell challenged.

It wasn't long before Martha reached breaking point, telling fellow bride Ines: "If she keeps talking to Michael, I'm going to crawl across the table and gouge her eyes out," before announcing her new plan.

"I'm getting up," she said. 

"I'm going to pour my drink on her."

True to her word, Martha then stalked across the dining room before dumping her entire glass of red wine over Cyrell's head, before making a quick escape.

Cyrell took off in hot pursuit, managing to land a sizeable amount of wine on Martha's dress before being restrained by grooms Mike and Sam.

"Oh my God, get Cyrell away," Ning yelled as the carnage unfolded.

Speaking to producers, Martha said she regretted "scumming down" to what she believed was Cyrell's level.

"If I could go back, I wouldn't pour the drink over her head, because that's gross and I would judge another girl for doing that."

"Cyrell is trash beyond anything I have ever known, and I scummed down to her level. I need to apologise," she said.

After cleaning herself up, Cyrell made it clear she was in no mood to accept Martha's apology.

"I was pushing your buttons but you know what Martha, I'm just going to say it now. You're as fake as your nose, lip, and boob job," Cyrell said.

"It's a shame you couldn't find a plastic surgeon that could fix your personality, because that's what's the fakest the most, honey [sic]. And your bullshit apology means shit all to me."

The Married At First Sight Australia finale airs Thursday, April 11 at 7.30pm on Three.