Matilda Green shames husband Art Green with embarrassing teenage photo

Matilda Green has taken revenge on husband Art Green for posting an "unfortunate photo" of her on Instagram by digging out an awkward snap of him from his school days.

Last week, former The Bachelor NZ Art uploaded a snap of his wife mid-blink, which he zoomed in on several times for a "lol", calling it #wifetrolling.

At the time, Matilda warned she would retaliate, commenting: "Oh you're in for it mate. You just wait."

True to her word, she later shared an almost unrecognisable picture of her new husband from 15 years ago.

"Hey @art_green remember when you posted that unfortunate photo of me? Well I see that photo, and I raise you 2004-Art," she captioned the pic.

Many of the reality TV star's followers responded gleefully, with one suggesting Art's transformation could provide "hope for all the teenage boys out there!"

"In my defence, I had borrowed one-inch thick glasses from a classmate and brushed my fringe forward to look more studious," Art responded.

"But I was quite a weird kid."

As well as embarrassing each other online, the newlywed couple - who got married on Waiheke in February - is expecting their first child together later this year.