Meet Paige Court, the voice behind Mane

The powerhouse behind popular music star Mane is humble Aussie girl named Paige Court.

She's capturing audiences worldwide, and at 22 her single 'Chasing Butterflies' has been on full rotation on Australia's leading indie radio channel Triple J.

Her voice is deep voice and lyrics thoughtful.

'You don't need a saviour your just need to save yourself,' are just some of the powerful words she's written in her latest single, 'Save Yourself'.

She was inspired after watching Coldplay live in concert.

"We were very inspired, like anthemic-wise."

She says it was written to show the difficulty of watching someone make the same mistakes over and over again.

"I guess a little self-destruction and being able to recognise that and help yourself. In life there are things that are not so nice and things that are amazing you can find inspiration in - both sometimes. It's hard to articulate things that are not, and it's easier to articulate that in the form of art."

From an early age Paige found comfort in music. Her biggest Aussie inspiration is Missy Higgins. The pop star's words and melody ignited Mane's passion for music.

 "I listened to 'Scar' like 10 times a day."

When she's not jotting down new tunes in her notes on her phone, you'll find her at an op-shop. She often wears turtlenecks and black when performing, but says she loves hunting for hidden gems.

 "One person's trash is another person's treasure."

She's recently added touring with Matt Corby to her list of achievements. She'd never met Corby until the first sound check in Auckland.