New film promises to exonerate OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson, in prison clothes in court.
OJ Simpson. Photo credit: Getty

A new film is promising to reveal who actually killed Nicole Brown, exonerating her ex-husband OJ Simpson.

The former football player was acquitted of Brown's June 1992 murder, but a 2016 poll found 83 percent of white Americans  and 56 percent of African-Americans think he committed the crime.

British filmmaker Joshua Newton isn't convinced though and believes a cover up took place to try and put the blame on Simpson.

"We have gone into an incredible amount of detail to capture the life O.J. and Nicole led and their marriage. This makes the film more fascinating to watch. At their peak, they were America's number one celebrity couple and we wanted to take viewers into their world," he told The Daily Mail.

Newton is fascinated by the case and how it continues to divide America, even nearly 25 years after the murder took place.

"OJ was fortunate that he could afford a brilliant defence team to challenge a prosecutorial system more concerned with winning than with justice.

 "But what about countless defendants who are innocent and don't have any money? Justice for them isn't an acquittal; it's a life sentence or even death."

Simpson offered to work on the film as a creative consultant but was declined. He will meet with the movie's lead actress Charlotte Kirk for dinner soon to discuss the film's potential impact on his image.

Simpson was released from prison in 2017 after serving nine years for armed robbery over a 2007 confrontation at a Las Vegas hotel.