Newshub's Melissa Chan-Green shares ocean Instagram fail

Melissa Chan-Green has shared a video of what she's calling a funny Instagram fail on the ocean with a reminder for Kiwis to "be waterwise".

The Newshub reporter labelled her husband Caspar Green a 'honeymoon hero' after he stopped filming her with a drone and swam out to help her to safety.

Chan-Green hashtagged her post with '#wontdothatagain'.

"Insta v reality - that time I embarrassed myself for the gram and the hubby had to rescue me," she captioned the video.

"I was happily chilling out on the inflatable pineapple while [Caspar] was flying a drone above. Suddenly I realised I'd drifted WAY out to sea and was struggling to make any headway back in the current. There was a mad dash across the beach to swim out to help me!"

The footage starts with an aerial shot of Chan-Green on the inflatable pineapple, before the drone appears to come to a rough landing.