Review: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part relentlessly tickles the funny bone

Emmett and Lucy are back and what with the cliffhanger ending of the arrival of DUPLO in the house - needless to say, it's war.

Movies based on toys based on movies selling more toys - it's a match made in merchandising and movie marketing heaven.

The first Lego Movie was a perfectly pitched, self-aware, big hearted home run.

Riffing oh so sweetly on the notion that our hero Emmett can make sure everything is just awesome purely by bringing a ray of his sunshine and knack for team building, this sequel does mess with the programme a little - it's new theme song a bit of a giveaway: Everything's NOT Awesome.

And of course, the meta self-awareness of knowing what an ear worm that song was, driving parents crazy the world over, this Second Part takes the catchy song thing to the next level.

Songs aside, there is plenty here for kids of all ages. The incredible graphics remain pretty incredible and while it won't feel quite as fresh, it will still relentlessly tickle the funny bone.

The original was a 5 star bolter for me so it would always be a hard follow - but I still loved this second part, a little more targeted at the grown-ups, humour-wise, you gotta keep up the jokes come thick and fast - blink and you'll miss the best ones!

Perfect timing for the school holidays and an easy big fat four stars.