Savage opens up about suicide of niece with emotional performance

Kiwi hip-hop artist Savage dedicated a previously unheard song to his late niece in an emotional speech about youth suicide at the Huawei Summer Jam with Mai FM
concert on the weekend.

The 'Swing' hitmaker appeared to fight back tears as he addressed the crowd at the Manukau Sports Bowl on Saturday, explaining he felt compelled to share a message about mental health in his latest track.

"I lost one of my nieces to her unfortunately taking her life, and I started working on a song," he said.

"I thought: 'Man, I gotta do something about this', you know what I mean? Because it's really real over here.

"Especially out here in South Auckland, how bad it can get. I just wrote pretty much a testimony of, imagine what I would have missed out on if I had done it when I was younger."

Savage said the song was only "70 percent done", but that he was particularly keen to perform it in his hometown nonetheless, prompting the crowd to erupt in applause.

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