Spoilers are coming: Game of Thrones episode uploaded early for the second week in a row

The latest episode of Game of Thrones has been uploaded online hours ahead of schedule.

The second episode in the show's final series was uploaded to Amazon's streaming service early due to an "error", the company told fans.

"We regret that for a short time Amazon customers in Germany were able to access episode two of season eight of Game of Thrones," an Amazon spokesman said.

"This was an error and has been rectified."

Although the episode was taken down soon after the error was established, many Game of Thrones fans were able to view the episode a day early.

This led to screenshots and plot details about the upcoming episode spreading throughout the internet, panicking fans worldwide.

However, some people had fun with the leak, including US singer Mariah Carey.

Carey posted on Twitter that she had some "major Game of Thrones spoilers", but then uploaded a picture of herself on the Iron Throne.

This is the second time a season eight episode has appeared online early - the first episode was available four hours ahead of time.

Forbes reported that HBO, the producer of the series, is "tearing" its hair out over the leaking of the episodes.

"HBO has to be tearing their hair out that this keeps happening, but this show is so popular and there are so many of these markets to manage, it does almost seem inevitable that something will go wrong."

"At least we're not dealing with people flat-out stealing episodes like we saw in a breach a few years ago, but this is not great either," Forbes reported.