Stampede at Nipsey Hussle vigil injures 19 as suspected shooter named

A stampede at a vigil for murdered rapper Nipsey Hussle has left at least 19 people injured.

Crowds gathered outside the 33-year-old rapper's Los Angeles clothing store on Monday (local time) to pay their respects after Hussle was killed in a shooting at that same location on Sunday.

The stampede was triggered by a struggle over a handgun that was pulled out, but not fired, at the vigil, reports the New York Times.

At least 19 people were injured as crowds rushed from the scene.

Two people are believed to be critically hurt and two others have been injured seriously.

It comes as the suspected shooter was identified as Eric Holder, a 29-year-old who knew Hussle and is still on the run.

"Based on witness statements and the background of those that we've identified, we believe this to be a dispute between Mr Hussle and Mr Holder," said police chief Michel R. Moore.

While Holder is thought to be a gang member, police don't believe the shooting is related to a gang feud.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Hussle should be remembered for his passionate advocacy and community work.

He is survived by his two children and girlfriend, Lauren London, who is also the former partner of Lil Wayne.