Taylor Swift teases potential new music with 13-day countdown

Taylor Swift.
It'll be Taylor Swift's first new music release since 2017's Reputation. Photo credit: Getty

Pop superstar Taylor Swift may be about to release new music for the first time in almost two years, according to a teasing countdown clock.

The 'Delicate' singer published the countdown on Saturday, April 13, ticking down to April 26.

The countdown doesn't specify exactly what fans should expect at the end, but may speculate new music.

A screenshot of the countdown on TaylorSwift.com.
A screenshot of the countdown on TaylorSwift.com. Photo credit: TaylorSwift.com

Swift also changed her profile pictures on her social media channels, changing her description to read "4.26" and linking through to aprilTwentySix.com - which redirects to TaylorSwift.com and the full countdown.

If it does prove to be new music, it'll be not just her first new songs since Reputation was released in November 2017, but her first on her new deal with Universal Music Group.

Only a few months ago, fans sent themselves into a speculative tailspin when they thought she was teasing new music.

A series of images apparently formed a countdown - seven palm trees, six steps, followed by fives holes in a fence.

"Taylor Swift really just said let me give these idiots a countdown so they stop analyzing the number of holes in a random fence," Twitter user Mia wrote on Saturday.

Swift has publicly had a fascination with the number 13 throughout her career, born on December 13 and writing '13' on her hand for each show in the Speak Now World Tour.